Welcome to The Sunnycoast Musos Collective.

It all started at the Majestic Theatre in Pomona, a beautiful venue that has the soul of a centuries worth of performances resonating from its bones. We thought we could offer local legends the chance to play at such a stage whilst raising funds for great causes. It was fair to say that the Theatre itself was a great cause that a fine bunch of volunteers have kept going with a grand team effort.

Our first show was “ On a Night like This” the songs of the legendary Bob Dylan. We did the show to celebrate Bob’s birthday and to raise some money for a Cambodian family in Siem Reap who had their home burned down. We’re pleased to say that with our help and others they now have a new home! Further monies were donated to a local performer of high standing in the community that had hit on hard times through poor health. Glad to say he’s back on his feet now and treading the stage again.

Our second show was “ Tonight’s the Night” and what a night it was! The songs of Neil Young for his birthday. Both these shows sold out the venue and showcased the wonderful talent we have here on the Sunshine Coast. You could have heard a pin drop all night long as the audience listened intently to their favourite songs of these two legends done by the cream of our Sunnycoast Musos.

Our third show “A Hard Days Night, a Little Help for our friends” yes you guessed it The Fab Four ! Saw us change venue to the equally funky and acoustically sublime venue “ The Cooran Hall” in the beautiful Hinterland town of Cooran. How lucky were we! It was a cracker!

These last two shows saw us adopt “Drought Angels” as our charity. As everybody knows our farmers have had an awful time of it of late and their need is great. Drought Angels do a marvellous job delivering aid out west.
So buckle up because we’re having too much fun with these shows and we’ll continue to help where we can.

Celebrating The Anniversary of Woodstock 50 years and raising funds in support of two children who recently lost their Mum through Domestic Violence and a local Sunshine Coast DV shelter. Supporting Love and Peace! 


As one of our favourite talents in the Sunshine Coast music community, Andrea Kirwin has been personally affected by Domestic Violence recently. Part of the proceeds raised will be going towards Andrea Kirwin’s Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for her family in Fiji. Andrea’s cousin Seini Boletawa was only 26 when her life was taken on Friday 7 June in a terrible act of domestic violence. Please read more about this story and feel free to donate here as well as via purchasing a ticket.

Fundraising for Seini Boletawa